Healing spells for Warforged

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Epic Raphael,

For 5e Warfogerd you could use 3.5edition rule that allow all Cure spells, however, provide only half their normal effect.
Repair spells are a little tricky because Mending Cantrip could be abused (unlimited healing for Warforged!)
So if your Warforge player want take a wizard level just to have unlimited Mending Cantrip is better to use Cure spell at full effect (not halved).
Cantrip can’t be healing spell as described in Dungeon Master Guide p. 284
Another solution could be place Mending as a 1st level spell but you need to tweak it a little.

5 thoughts on “Healing spells for Warforged

  1. So in this case I think the best option would be create a LV spell “Repair” for instance, give it Cure Wounds properties (in terms of dice and slot effect increment above 1st), however when used in constructor (such as Warforged) can heal them and in addition to it looks like a repair spell, I should add some boosted Mending features, like repair large areas, like door, walls like 1m3/Spell Slot or maybe 5ft3 in order to respect D&D default units. Otherwise Warforged would be the second worst race after drow.

    Another thing, it is not stated, but Warforged would be immune to effect like sleep or even mind control, like fear or charm of those “weakness” is covered by the “live” part?

  2. I know it is not currently in the rules as written, but maybe modify the rules to allow a cantrip to be cast using a spell slot to give expanded abilities for example mending becomes a warforge cure spell when using it with a spell slot.

  3. name moniker says:

    for 5e mending takes 1 minute to cast, which is usually the length of a battle or conflict, so it wouldn’t really be combat effective healing. it also says that it repairs a single wound no more than 1 foot in length. therefor it should only heal for at most 1 of their hit dice (d12 for Barb or d8 for wizard …etc.) I hope this helps

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