Eberron has arrived!

Eberron Campaign

Heroes of Khorvaire, Your time has come!

Mike “Unearthed” Mearls has written the Eberron Setting for the 5th edition of Dungeons&Dragons rules.

You can find here Eberron pdf:


There are rules to convert your Eberron campaign to D&D 5e and you’ll find:

  • New races: Warforged, Changeling and Shifter Traits
  • New Wizard Tradition: Artificer
  • Action Points
  • Dragonmarks
  • New Feat: Dragonmark

If you have miss Eberron Setting you can shop and download immediately here:


Eberron is a richly detailed world infused with magic, pulp and dark adventure elements, and some non-traditional fantasy technologies such as trains, skyships, and mechanical beings which are all powered by magic waiting to be filled with daring escapades and dangerous exploits. Throw open the cover and be ready for anything.

Have a wonderful Journey!

UPDATE: Rules have been updated to version 1.1

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