Shield Master feat bonus shove: Does “take attack action” mean make 1 or all attack rolls 1st?

5 thoughts on “Shield Master feat bonus shove: Does “take attack action” mean make 1 or all attack rolls 1st?

  1. Dan says:

    There appears to still be questions concerning the Shield Master feat. For example some say “This means that you can shove with the shield then attack normally, or you can attack normally then shove with the shield. What you can’t do is shove with the shield and then Dash – by shoving you have locked in your choice of the Attack action”.

    I disagree that this is the case. You have not locked in anything in my view. The shove would under normal conditions replace an attack. It is in fact part of the Attack action (bonus or not). You can shove and then use your remaining attack or attacks or not or dash or something else.

    • Zoltar says:

      Epic Dan,

      Shove in Shield Master feat is a bonus action.
      Bonus action is different from action, as Master Jeremy write could be made before or after an Attack action.

      Example, Konan 5th level fighter with Shield Master Feat:
      .Normally In his turn can make two attacks (attack + extra attack) + Shove as a Bonus Action.
      .OR in his turn can make 3 shoves against his enemy because Shove can replace 2 attacks (attack + extra attack) + bonus action shove.

      In normal circumstances in your turn you can Move and Shove (as Attack action) but not Dash and Shove (because are two actions PHB p.192): on your turn, you can move a distance up to your speed and take one action (PHB p.189)

      I hope you can shove everyday.

      • Dan says:


        Thank you. I believe I see what you mean and I stand corrected. What I now wonder is can you choose not to take the Attack action after you shove.

        For example you shove (a bonus action), then the enemy surrenders. Do you have to follow with the Attack action (as you have already used the bonus shove) or can you decide to stop prematurely?

        I would assume you can stop prematurely.

        Regardless I would rewrite this feat to allow a bonus shove without committing to any type of action. I think it’s more reasonable to assume a character may wish to shove and dash/disengage/dodge/etc. in certain circumstances.

        I suppose writers felt this was too powerful. If that’s the case they could always take away the second feature of the feat – adding the shield bonus to Dex saves against the individual character (as opposed to area of effect). No one seems to care about this feature anyway.

        Thank you for the update Zoltar. Much appreciated!!


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