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  1. riftshard says:

    With respect… did you really think the ramifications of that answer through?

    If you opt to roll gold (4d4x10) & get 40, your wizard will start the game with no book. That means you have no spells beyond cantrips, since you can only prepare spells out of your own book. If your wizard rolls a 50, (s)he can be a stark naked loon carrying the precious tome around by hand. Quite the high fantasy image…

    In my humble opinion, since page 114 uses the phrase “At 1st level, you HAVE a spellbook…” (emphasis mine), a wizard should receive this item regardless of whether (s)he takes the starting gold. Anyone can roll gold below what they’d wish for, sure, but only a wizard can roll low enough to be shorted on a Class Feature.

    • Zoltar says:

      Legendary riftshard,

      I think Master Jeremy has miss the second column section SPELLBOOK, it happens.

      BUT 40gp start could be so full of stories for your background and adventure that I’ll consider to put in my campaign.
      I give you some examples:

      .You need 10gp for your spellbook, you can ask to a PC to lend and make a bond with him (maybe protect him for the firsts levels)
      .Your DM could give to you this money from a someone that will be the recruiter of your party at the beginning (an evil npc?)
      .You found the last 10gp but are cursed
      .You can buy a smaller spellbook with few space for your spells

      Poverty is the beginning for your legendary redemption!

    • Not to mention multiclassing into wizard will require you to pay 50gp for the spellbook. The solution I feel is simple, reroll until you start with more than 55gp.

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