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  1. Raphael Mariz says:

    What the reach of most humanoids vision (human, elf, half-orc, so on or at least human) in an open area under bright sun light shining over them? Assume NO supernatural feature as barbarian eagle vision for example. Since D&D just give numbers for “special visions”, such as dark vision.

    • Zoltar says:

      Lord Raphael
      Rules for Vision are lost in a ancient book called: Advanced Dungeons&Dragons Wilderness survival guide.
      There’s an entire chapter called Vision and Visibility and there is the answer to your question.

      During bright sun, the range of normal vision is 500 yards. This means that a humanoid with an unobstructed view can see a size M creature to recognize its basic form. A creature or object of size S is visible from 250 yards away, and one of size L is visible from a distance of at least 1000 yards.

      Hope this answer help your quest

      • This was really great (you have no idea how often I use it and get my players bothering me about it), but what about Dim Light, Heavy and Light Obscure and Darkness vision Range?

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