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  1. Stenim says:

    My DnD group and I are having a conundrum… we have been trying to find an answer to this and there is no definitive answer. We need to know can you use twinned spell using magic missile or scorching ray and such spells? I can technically target multiple people but if you only use it to attack 1 target then can it be twinned to attack a second if all the hits are on 1 target?

    • Zoltar says:

      My liege Stenim,

      based on what the Wise Jeremy says: “…target only one creature.”
      Only one creature is the prerequisite to Twinned spell to function, so if the spell CAN hit multiple targets this spell can’t work with Twinned Spell metamagic option.

      Imagine a Twinned Spell Fireball cast on a single lonely target, will the Twinned Spell duplicate fireball on another single target?

      I think that intention of metamagic option Twinned Spell is to be able to hit no more than two targets as the word twin suggests, otherwise they would have called Split Spell 🙂

  2. Except, look at Eldritch Blast. At level 1, it can only target one creature. So clearly, Twinned Spell works on it just fine. Then at level 5… does it suddenly change fundamentally so that something you’ve been doing for months no longer functions?

    • Zoltar says:

      Mighty John

      You are right and the only answer I have is to change Eldritch Blast (with Firebolt?) when you reach 5th level or use Eldritch blast as described for that level but not with Twinned Spell Metamagic feature.

  3. Robert Mongar says:

    While Twinned Spell has been confirmed to not work with Eldritch Blast, ask far as I can see, I believe it is possible to used Quickened spell to better effect. Since the spell is a cantrip, you can then cast it twice, even at the same target.

    Yes this costs more Sorcery points, but it is more versatile.

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