Does a melee weapon that is thrown count as ranged?

8 thoughts on “Does a melee weapon that is thrown count as ranged?

  1. Ryan says:

    Wait, so how can sharpshooter be used with a dagger per earlier Sage Advice? Does this mean there is nothing to promote a thrown weapon fighting style for fighters, etc.?

    • My homage Ryan,

      To promote throw weapon fighting style is more wise to spend a simple Ability Score Improvement feature: better in Dexterity than Strength and use a daggers (with Finesse property) so you can add your bonus modifier for attack and damage rolls.
      You can throw 2 daggers per turn with Two-Weapon Fighting action.

      Jeremy says: “A dagger is a melee weapon even when you throw it.” So you can apply every feat or special ability to all melee weapons with Thrown propriety.

  2. Ryan says:

    Just trying to be super clear since this has been a debate in our Adventurer’s League group and we want to get it right. Thank you for your help so far.

  3. Zoltar says:

    Is my pleasure answer,
    some days ago I’ve answered to you but the reply was lost in the transfer between to

    These were my words:
    “The honorable Mike Mearls has left the Sage Advice’s mantle to Jeremy Crawford, so every answer from him are official words as you can read in Golden Rules:

    Next year Jeremy will have a column to answer all of us, as Mike said here:

    Enjoy new year.”

    So if you want the “Official Answer” Jeremy has the last word.
    If there are contraddictions between designers (it happens!) the Jeremy’s answer is the right one.

    But please follow this sage advice: don’t be so tied to rules. If one lucky day you’ll be seated at the table with DM Mike Mearls probably he allow to use Daggers with Sharpshooter feat because for him it’s ok and it doesn’t break anything.
    If your DM decide to follow Mike Mearls point of view about daggers, have fun togheter and don’t worry about rules!

    Your humble Zoltar the Sage

  4. Ryan says:

    Thanks! Got it! There will now be peace at our AL table at last and I can finally build my dagger throwing fighter of my dreams! Thank you for taking time out to answer this!

  5. Nate says:

    I was wondering if you can pull out and throw a dagger as part of the same motion (without using your free action). Reason I ask is you get to do that when shooting a bow.

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