Whirlwind Attack

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  1. Carmine says:

    Other questions regarding Ranger’s Hunter Path

    1. In Giant Killer, is the attack reaction only one attack or all your attacks, such as two-weapon fighting?
    2. In Multiattack Defense, does it also apply to multiple creatures who are attacking you “simultaneously.”

  2. Hi Carmine
    I try to answer your questions based on what I learned collecting answers but I’m not the D&D designers official voice.

    1. Reaction is only one melee attack in a turn. You can’t accumulate more than 1 reaction. You can find the rule at p.195 under Opportunity Attacks
    2. Multiattack Defense is a defense against a single creature, if you are been attacked “simultaneously” you need to choose 1 creature, probably the big and ugly guy 😉

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