Cantrip damage for multiclass

One thought on “Cantrip damage for multiclass

  1. I will abide by this ruling, because I always preach staying as close to RAW as possible with my player’s, as long as it doesn’t affect game play, and I know you are one of the lead designers of 5e, but to be honest, I think you got this wrong. On page 164 of the PHB, does it not state, that each spell is associated with ONE of your classes? Also, that you use THAT class when you cast a spell. In the description of Cantrips, the word “spell” is used 4 times, to describe cantrips. So given those two, does it not make sense, that a 4th level rogue, who has had NO training in the art of magic, that is taking 1 level of warlock, would cast his warlock spell at 1st level, not 5th. How would 4 levels of rogue, improve his magical abilities? Is that not a limitation to multi-classing? I really think you should take another look at this. I know I am free to use whatever rules I feel fit, at my table, but there are a CRAP-TON of players that refer to you guys, and use your judgements as the Bible for 5e. Now that I’m done with the B***h fest, I am loving the game, and do thank you for all the hard work that your entire team put into it.

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