Psionic and The Mystic part II Questions & Answers


Mind Melders!

I’ve collected all tweet Questions about Psionic Unearthed Arcana, with answers from designers Master Mike Mearls and Jeremy Crawford.

Just a note, this is playtest material is not final, Master Mike wants to stress rules and have your feedbacks from the next survey, probably you’ll see a third and fourth version of Psionic before will be official.
Remember: this is the same method used for 5th edition rules, the best rules ever created.

















Psionic d8 HP

Awakened Mystic also know as Psionic


Mental Heroes!

Is your brain ready for 5e mind powers?!

Psionic aka Awakened Mystic is now with us in the new Unearthed Arcana article, here:

with awakened disciplines as

  • Conquering Mind
  • Intellect Fortress
  • Third Eye
  • Mind Thrust
  • Pychic Mind
  • Object Reading

You like mind reading? Download pdf rules, here: