Any news on a v3 of the Mystic rule set?

2 thoughts on “Any news on a v3 of the Mystic rule set?

  1. Gr7mm Bobb says:

    Not sure if these are classified as complaints, observations, or legit critque from me. Hopefully someone understands what I mean and can provide feedback. Heck, I could be posting this in the wrong section as well…

    Soul knife is lacking the words “up to two” mind blades. Feel the blades could greatly benefit from less damage at lower levels with scaling later, maybe like the monk. no description of what happens when 1 mind blade is dropped and the other is kept. Not really sure if any of this is intentional. I liked the concept a lot, just getting the feeling that the Order itself was excuted as an afterthought. Would it hurt to allow it to have the versatile property, or at least the option to “build-a-blade”?

    Couple of typos, missing info on discipline abilities. Away from pdf atm, my bad on lack of specifics.

    One or two disciplines have a power with a 1-7psi cost, but does not say what happens with more psi pt expenditure.

    There are several abilities that can be saved against for 1/2 damage, but the secondary effects still punch through, seems really strong and super not “ok” imo. Not sure if that was intentional or not, but erring on the side of caution and doing a personal errata that allows successful saves to dodge the secondary effect as well.

    Actually really sad that the damage boost from Psychic Weapon and the related Nomad discipline no longer function like the smite it was modeled after. You can’t decide to proc it on hit like the paladins smite feature AND its a bonus action to activate with no ability to hold it like a real spell smite. worst of both worlds, so excited. Not entirely certain why it was felt to be necessary to nerf the action economy and abilities of a class that is a glorified 1/2 caster. Maybe the psy weap abuse was kept to a minimum in my circle, but if possible please help me wrap my head around the design issues related to the previously released psy weapon.

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