Psionic survey results and last survey


Psionic Survey Results are out:

But please, take the time to complete seventh feedback survey on the fifth edition of the Dungeons & Dragons tabletop roleplaying game.

They are asking about

  • Gen Con
  • Your Level reached with 5e
  • Overall satisfaction with Adventure modules
  • A new set of dungeon tiles
  • A book of new options for existing classes, like Complete Warrior or Martial Power
  • A new RPG that adapts the D&D rules to a new genre, such as science fiction or post-apocalypse
  • An adventure for levels 15 to 20
  • A book of new character classes, like Player’s Handbook 2
  • A sourcebook covering your favorite D&D setting
  • A book of new monsters, like Monster Manual 2

Please Answer this survey the future of the best game ever made is in your hands!



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